Services and Pricing

While this list is segmented into many individual parts, a project will typically include many individual items on this list. Please understand that all projects are different and that the costs here are estimates. I can't promise you that something I've listed below as $500 will end up costing exactly $500, but it should be safe to say it won't cost five times as much.

Web Design and Development

The websites I create are the core of a business' digital presence. Wehther it is as simple as a single splash screen or a multi-currency e-Commerce sites, the website's role is to bring potential customers to your business so that you can do what you do best.

Prices for websites can range greatly, depending on the scope, complexity, and customization needed. The simplest splash page will start from $500, ranging to over $10,000 for large e-commerce sites.

In our initial meetings and discussions I’ll make sure you get the right amount of content to fit your needs, goals, and budget

As an example, for a restaurant website, with the following pages:

  • Home Page
  • About Us
  • Menu
  • Contact, Reservation, Directions page
  • Gallery

The expected cost should be between $2500 and $5000.

A brand serves as a business' personality, which is represented by your products or services, and any visual content that accompanies.

Well-established brands resonate with their audience, making them repeated customers that will love your products or services and prioritize you over your competitors.

If you already have a set of ideas or a sketch and want a logo drawn professionally based on your idea, prices start at $500.

If you want a logo that will resonate with your target audience developed from scratch, prices start from ~$1000. In this process, I will start developing a matching personality and colour sceheme for your business.

Business cards, letterheads, and other similar items are priced from ~$500.

If you want a quote for a more extensive branding project (such as a full brand identity with guide, tri-fold brochures, etc.), you’ll have to contact me directly.

Analytics provides you with visitor behaviour data and is key in identifying areas of a website which are particularly successful or unsuccessful. It also provides insight into visitor demographics and referring traffic sources.

While the basic integration of Google Analytics is simple, extra effort is needed to set up custom events, such as the viewing of a page for a predefined period of time, or the sending of a contact form.

Any websites I design and develop will include analytics.

If you have an existing website and wish to add analytics functionality to it, costs start at $500 and could increase depending on the number of events that need to be tracked, as well as the configuration and complexity of the site.

I provide you full access to the account so you can view and analyse all the data yourself with no recurring charges.

If you want recurring reports of the key performance factors, I can set up monthly or quarterly reports for around $100 per cycle.

E-commerce entails the functionality of accepting payment on a website for a product or service. It can entail physical goods, Digital products are delivered electronically,
such as an MP3 track or a software package
goods, and services.

Additional considerations required from e-commerce sites include addressing customer security, managing products and stock, managing currencies and shipping zones, and providing the means for customers to contact you should there be any issues.

Since the scale and particulars of an ecommerce site can vary enormously, it's hard to provide even a quote range. I would estimate the simplest of e-commerce sites to cost in the low thousands, scaling very quickly as more complexity and customization is required.

Digital Marketing

Pay per ClickPPC and Search Engine MarketingSEM campaigns are a method of getting direct and proportional returns on your investment. As you are billed per user interaction, you will see a e.g. if you receive 500 visitors from a $500 monthly spend,
you can expect 1000 visitors from a $1000 monthly spend.
proportional increase
in visitors as you increase your spend. For e-commerce sites, if you know your conversion rates and average conversion revenue, PPC campaigns can be calculated to target a minimum ROI.

I will set up and actively maintain your advertising account to maximize what you are getting out of your monthly spend. This includes writing new ads, identifying positive and negative keywords, targeting specific demographics, amongst many others.

I will provide you full access to all statistics, so you can review the performance of the campaign at any time.

My PPC administration fees run on a sliding scale between 10% and 20% of monthly spend. There is no minimum monthly fee, which is excellent if you want Google Ads management with a very low budget.

I do charge a setup fee, 50% of which will count as credit towards the monthly administration fees. Setup fees start at $500 for very small campaigns and will increase based on the scale and complexity of your new campaign.

If you have an existing campaign, the setup fee may be partially discounted depending on how well the structure and organization of the existing campaign is.

Adding your business to directories and listings allow potential customers to find you on those platforms. Examples of such directories include free sites like Google Maps via Google My Business, sites with both free and premium listings like Yelp, and subscription-only based sites like HomeStars.

An indirect bonus to this is with the extra listings, search engine rankings will improve a little bit.

Getting set up with listings is a one-time fee, between $100 to $500 per service depending on how much information and communication is needed by the particular service.

Content creation is a long-term marketing strategy to widen the reach of your website. The articles can be shared across social media platforms, its content will bring in more organic searches, and other websites may refer to your article if they find it relevant, helpful, or otherwise interesting.

Costs for content creation vary greatly, and depend on the type of content being created, as well as how widely available knowledge and experience about your particular industry is.

Web-related IT Services

Particularly for WordPress sites, I can keep everything maintained and secure to maximize uptime, as well as creating backups stored in three different locations.

Backup files are periodically tested on a password-protected live server to ensure that the backup files are recoverable.

A WordPress preventative maintenance plan which includes monthly software and security updates, off-site backups, and 0.5h of e.g. adding images to an existing gallery, updating menu pricessite-related work costs $80/mo, or $800/year if paid upfront.

Please inquire directly for more comprehensive plans that include reporting or multiple sites, or if you want a plan for a non-WordPress website.

Having an email address at your own domain is a requirement if you want to look serious and professional. Using G Suite, I will set you up with your own e-mail address, which uses the same user interface as Gmail, and is compatible with all apps and services that support Gmail.

I can administer your G Suite account to to add/remove additional users, create Aliases are e-mail addresses that get sent directly to a user. For exmaple, I can make all e-mails sent to be delivered to my personal inbox.aliases , and set up Shared inboxes are e-mail addresses multiple users can access. An example of a common shared inbox is a which is accessed by all customer support agents.shared inboxes as needed. If you prefer to do the administration yourself, I can simply perform the one-time setup needed for G Suite to proeprly work with your domain.

One-time setup for G Suite costs $150. This does not include domain registration, if you don't already own a domain.

For administrative costs, please contact me with information about the quantity and complexity of the e-mail systems you require.

Note that G Suite is a third-party paid service that ranges from $5 to $20 per Users are defined as distinct individuals that have their own e-mail address. Aliases and shared inboxes do not count as users.user, per month.

G Suite's mobile device management allows you to track, locate, wipe, and restrict app access on Android and Apple devices owned by your organization.

The costs involved with mobile device management include a one-time setup fee, a small per-device recurring fee, and either a fixed monthly amount or predetermined hourly rate for any inquiries and/or changes.