All Corners Pest Control

All Corners Pest Control is a young Hamilton-based pest control company started in 2016. When they approached me in 2017, their website was only receiving about 10 visitors per day and they were not receiving enough jobs to fill the schedule of a single technician.

Spread out over the course of over a year, I did the following work to grow their digital presence:

  • Complete redesign of their website, focused on giving potential customers the information they need in a streamlined manner
  • Established a family-oriented brand identity, with logo and graphic design by Picograf
  • Addition of their business profile to both free and subscription-based third-party online services and directories
  • A complete rework of their Google Adwords campaign
  • Using G Suite as a platform for email communications and technician scheduling
  • Sister sites created to expand business beyond Hamilton

After a year of ongoing work, they have grown from 10 visitors a day and a single part-time technician, to over 90 visitors per day with 7 full- and part-time technicians.

Website Redesign

Screenshot of All Corners Pest Control Home page as rendered on desktop
Screenshot of All Corners Pest Control Home page as rendered on mobile

Brand Identity

Imagery and colours were chosen to appeal to families, particularly those with pets and younger children. Initial research found a lot of competing companies build their image around dominance and authority over pests. Instead of focusing on subject of our services, ACPC instead focuses their branding on the sense of family and homeliness. We want our customers to think about what we can do for their family, rather than what we can do about pests and widllife. I coordinated the branding as a whole, while the individual logos were designed and drawn by Picograf.

All Corners Pest Control logos
Collage of stock photography backgrounds used for All Corners Pest Control

Images of actual pests and wildlife were kept to a minimum, and where they are used, consideration was taken to ensure the images were not repulsive. In some cases, the images turn out to be cute or pleasant. Picograf helped me further with the development of many vector icons used throughout our material. We imagined that our customers are already stressed enough from the sight of pests or wildlife in or around their home, and our material should do its best to not further add to the stress.

Third-party Services and Directories

To improve web visibility, All Corners Pest Control was registered with the following services:


  • Google Maps

  • Google My Business

  • Facebook

  • Apple Maps

  • Bing Maps


  • Yelp


  • HomeStars
  • OneLocal

Google Ads

ACPC had a very poorly setup Google Ads account when they approached me. Within the first month, I halved the campaign’s Cost-per-Click CPC, resulting in twice the leads with the same monthly spend. This has been slowly expanded since, and now the Ads campaign spans multiple regions with dozens of different ad groups.

One-year Google Ads summary of All Corners Pest Control

G Suite with Mobile Device Management

I set up and manage G Suite for all ACPC employees. Each employee has their own managed address, and we have different mailing groups set up for customer inquiries, payments, internal communications, etc. Important documents are stored on Google Drive, where they can be easily accessed by employees from any location

Most technicians carry a company-owned smartphone which is manage from G Suite. With device management, we are able to automatically install and update apps from the G Suite Console, maintain a synchronised contact list, set up app blacklists, as well as locate or wipe the phone should it get misplaced.

Regional Websites

To expand our business into neighbouring cities, our Google Business account was expanded to sport many satellite sites, and subdomains were added to our website to show region-specific pricing and contact information.

Screenshot of All Corners Pest Control Region Select page as rendered on desktop
Screenshot of All Corners Pest Control Region Select page as rendered on mobile

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