Funglyn Biotech

Funglyn Biotech engineers and manufactures hospital-grade scientific instruments, as well as the corresponding software used to interface the equipment with laboratory workstations. They came to me looking for a web catalogue of all their products, with full support for their extensive technical specifications and integrated download links for PDF manuals.

As their intended audience are all professionals with well-equipped offices and computers, no mobile or tablet responsiveness was required.

The website was built on WordPress and WooCommerce with a from-scratch custom theme. A total of 10 different templates were created:

  • Regional Select Page
  • Home Page
  • Text Page (e.g. About, History, Location)
  • News Page
  • Product Family Page
  • Single Product Page
  • Contact Page with contact form
  • Search Results
  • Sitemap
  • News Archive

Home Page

Product Family Page

Single Product Page

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